Hi there, we're Complete Potential Consulting

We specialise in helping businesses grow by developing their people to reach their full potential.  In these challenging times we can assist teams in adapting to change and working remotely whilst managing the effects of minimal contact.

We have a small, but trusted, team who work hard to provide our customers with exactly what they need, working in close partnerships with them delivering;  Coaching, Training, Mentoring, Assessment centres and Consultancy.

We are excellent at working with:

  • managers and team members who work remotely.
  • a variety of teams:  executive, leadership, operational, functional, project, manufacturing and global.
  • teams to enable them to function better and achieve more.
  • individuals to help them grow, develop and become more effective at what they do.
  • creating a desire for change and a knowledge of how to.
  • teams and individuals in embedding true behavioural changes.
  • teams and individuals using transformational coaching when relationships go wrong.

We have a proven track record with many delighted customers and take pride in our valued, long-term, relationships with our clients.