Working with Stress - Re-energise - Duration 1

A thought-provoking course which helps delegates to understand how to work with stress and manage the effect it has on themselves and others.


  • Focus on stress - Appreciating stress and the effects is has on us
  • Managing stress - Controlling ourselves. Controlling others
  • Stress reduction - Working with our mind. Working with our body
  • Working with stress - Focussing on the now. Focussing on the future

What they will learn

  • Recognising the effects stress has on the body and mind.
  • How to take more control of our lives
  • How diet and exercise can significantly reduce the effects of stress.
  • Easy to use relaxation techniques.
  • Plan for a more stress-free life.
  • How our minds can affect our levels of stress and how to change this.


This course is for anyone who is feeling the effects of stress and wants to learn how to re-energise.


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