Supervisors Survival Guide - Duration 1 Day

Many people find themselves promoted into first line supervisory roles, but have had no formal management

or leadership training. That's what this delivers.


  • The basics - What's it all about. How to motivate people
  • Leading others - All about creating followers. Situational Leadership
  • Making words count - Being effective & consistent with comms
  • Managing others - Getting organised. Resolving disputes

What they will learn

  • Personal and task efficiency improvement.
  • An understanding of Motivational skills.
  • An ability to appropriately deal with issues such as absenteeism as they arise.
  • A new perspective on the importance of communications.
  • Tools for improvement and problem resolution.
  • A wider range of supervisory approach styles.
  • An understanding of what makes good leaders.


This is for those who have people to manage or supervise, but have not had any formal training how to step up and lead their people.


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