Effective Report Writing - Duration 1 Day

No matter what level your writing skills this course will reveal how to write readable documents that communicate exactly what you wanted.


  • Prepare - How to set the scene
  • Plain English - Readability, how to measure and improve it
  • Proof - More than just spell checking!
  • Present - Design & presentation - making it look the part

What they will learn

  • Be confident in the use of appropriate language.
  • Produce persuasive arguments.
  • Illustrate reports effectively.
  • Lay out the information for total impact.
  • Planning and writing reports to make them memorable.
  • Confidently structure professional documents.
  • Give that sparkle of design.
  • Use and understand some of the best Word tools.


There's no need to worry about the grammar, for all levels of people who want to improve their writing skills.


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