Problem solving and decision making - Duration 2 Day

A challenging course which guides delegates through an effective process for solving problems and making the right decision.


  • Re-framing issues - The value of outcome thinking
  • Rooting around - Understanding thinking patterns
  • Problem solving - Creative techniques for problem solving
  • Decision making - Making the right choice

What they will learn

  • To be more confident in their abilities.
  • How to think in a more positive and visionary way.
  • Identify the stakeholders and who to involve in the process.
  • Tools to break down conventional analysis techniques.
  • Define and prioritise the decision-making criteria.
  • Evaluate the options effectively & weigh up risks.
  • Implement the solution.


This course is for anyone who would like to enhance their current ways of problem solving and who would like to feel more confident in the decisions they make.


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