Behavioural interviewing - Duration 1 Day

This practical course will help to make sure that interviewers select the best candidates for the job.


  • Preparation - Creating the specification using competencies
  • The interview - Structuring the interview using useful questions
  • Avoiding pitfalls - The halo and horn effect. Staying within the law
  • Selecting - Making the right selection. Finishing the process

What they will learn

  • How to clearly define and use competencies.
  • The interview process with key stages and methods.
  • To use carefully crafted behavioural questions.
  • Clarity around traits and behaviour.
  • How to use the STAR process for interviewing.
  • To use balanced judgement.
  • To be aware of current legislation.
  • Close the process by making offers and giving rejections.


This course is for anyone who takes part in the interview process.


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