Facilitation Skills - Duration 1 or 2 Days

A highly interactive course which teaches the fundamentals of facilitation and gives delegates plenty of chance to practice their new-found skills.


  • What is it? - Definition of Facilitation. How it can be used
  • The facilitation process - Using key steps. Process vs content
  • Facilitation methods - Choosing the right style at the right time
  • Handling problems - How to handle difficult situations and people

What they will learn

  • The role of the facilitator.
  • Practical skills needed for various situations.
  • Learn how to separate process from content.
  • Confidence to handle different types of behaviour
  • and personalities in the group.
  • Basic problem solving techniques.
  • How to utilise left and right brain thinking.
  • Practice facilitation in a safe environment.
  • Intervention techniques.


This course if for anyone who finds themselves, chairing or facilitating meetings or training sessions.


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