Delegation - Duration 1 Day

Because we often feel it's quicker to do it ourselves managers fail to delegate to their teams. This course addresses the barriers and shows how to do it well.


  • The basics - Understanding why we should delegate
  • Delegation model - 5 steps to successful delegation
  • Making it motivate - Using delegation to grow others
  • Making it happen - The delegation meeting. Preparing for tomorrow

What they will learn

  • An understanding of the value of good delegation.
  • How good and bad delegation differ.
  • 5 practical steps to delegating in an effective way.
  • How to motivate and not crush others by delegating to them.
  • How to deliver feedback to create positive outcomes
  • Planning for the delegation meeting.
  • Some space to select good first try opportunities for tomorrow.


For those who have responsibility for people, and wants them to develop, while better using their own time and capabilities.


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