Stop Managing Start Leading - Duration 1 Day

This course highlights the difference between management and leadership. A very though provoking day that will challenge your concepts and practices.


  • Creating followers - Discovering what leadership is all about
  • Building influence - Discovering leadership authenticity
  • Situational leadership - How to behave & when
  • Leadership models - Dictatorship & democracy why they matter

What will they learn

  • What it is that makes someone a leader.
  • How to propagate true leadership characteristics.
  • Why authenticity in leadership is so crucial, and how to measure if you have it.
  • Why one single leadership style is never going to work, and what alternatives there are.
  • Insight into leading business school thinking on different models of leadership.
  • How to generate followership.


This course will suit those who really aspire to be a leader not a follower. It will demonstrate how genuine leadership can be nurtured.


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