Influencing with Integrity - Duration 1 Day

An interesting course which explores the key skills of effective influencers, how we can do it whilst maintaining integrity and trust.


  • Influencing - What is influencing. Open and Hidden methods
  • Information - Defining objectives. Gathering information
  • Interacting - The human skills. Practicing skills
  • Inclusion - Creating benefits for all. Crafting a plan

What they will learn

  • The definition of influencer.
  • What makes a good influencer.
  • The value of inclusion and integrity.
  • How to use the hidden skills of effective influencers.
  • Appreciation of other perspectives.
  • The importance of planning and preparation.
  • Understanding motivating factors.
  • How to put it all into practice


This course is for anyone who would like to be more effective at influencing others in different situations.

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