Successful Sales - Duration 2 Days

A great course which takes the fundamentals of selling and turns them into a fun and practical course.


  • The fundamentals - Communication; the 3 key areas
  • Sales structure - The 3 P's which underpin successful selling
  • Presenting - Selling your product; features vs benefits
  • Negotiating - Practical exercises to develop your skills

What they will learn

  • Make the right impression.
  • Understand and use the 3 P's - Product, Price and Presentation.
  • The values of clever questioning; open vs closed.
  • Opening and closing the meeting.
  • Develop rapport and read between the lines.
  • Understand the clients needs.
  • Sell the product and services.
  • Handle and overcome objections.
  • Gain commitment from the client.


This course if for anyone who is new to sales.


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