Performance Management - Duration 1 Day

A course designed to enhance the ability to manage the performance of others in an effective way.


  • Getting focus - Looking into the power of objectives
  • Setting goals - Scoping and setting balanced goals
  • Guiding success - Anchoring goals. Driving accountability
  • Following up results - Providing goal feedback. Motivating through success

What they will learn

  • Clarity about the impact created by effective goals.
  • The opportunity to develop a clear view of the future.
  • Strategies & techniques for creating effective goals.
  • An understanding of the need for goal balance to be successful.
  • How to create a new way of anchoring goals into daily work and life.
  • How to stick with goals over the long view.
  • How to track, feedback and celebrate successes.


For those who oversee the delivery made by others and want to get clarity and results through performance management that motivates.


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