Meeting Management - Duration 1 Day

A course that will help you lead the way in effective meeting behaviour, by introducing a framework that works whatever the meeting topic.


  • Do I need a meeting - Understanding bad and good reasons for meetings
  • Getting ready - Using a structured approach to preparation
  • Participating - 8 Rules of good meeting practice
  • What was all that about? - What must happen afterwards

What they will learn

  • A challenge concerning when a meeting is needed.
  • How to make use of different types of meeting.
  • The preparation imperative, whether running or just attending.
  • How to effectively contribute to meetings.
  • Alternative minute taking methods to try.
  • The significance of not following up actions.
  • Do's and Don'ts of meeting behaviour.
  • A structure that can be used again and again.


This is for everyone who attends or runs meetings but feels there must be a better way of running them.


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