Telephony at it's Best - Duration 1 Day

An event that is full of practical exercises in how to take and make great phone calls. If your calls matter, then this event will hone your technique and skills.


  • About conversation - The fundamental aspects of human conversation
  • From experience... - Frustrations explored. Success explored
  • Client interfaces - No dogs allowed or guide dogs welcome!
  • Technique - 6 simple techniques to hone your telephony.

What they will learn

  • Learn what happens when all we get is the voice, understand the implications, pitfalls and implement the right strategies.
  • Know what switches people off and on.
  • Get the perspective of the other person and taylor your words and voice to build effective rapport fast.
  • Learn 6 simple techniques you can use every day.
  • How to deal with difficult situations that you may face.


Know what makes the difference between an OK conversation or a great one.


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