The Complete Project - Duration 3 Days

The mother of project management courses that covers everything you'll ever need to know.


  • What's it all for - Stakeholders, Sponsorship Scoping, Defining projects
  • Who's who? - The manager. The team
  • The master plan - Estimates, Content, planning tools, Risks
  • Making it all happen - Dealing with the realities and avoiding the pitfalls

What they will learn

  • How to set a project up for success.
  • How to "sell" a new project concept.
  • How to spot, analyse and resolve those project problems.
  • How and what to measure for success.
  • How to define scope and stop creep.
  • Some new dedicated project management tools.
  • How to mitigate against risk.
  • How to bring a project to a close.


This is the course for Managers and members of project teams.


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