Terrific Telesales - Duration 2 Days

An exciting course which shows delegates how increase their call conversion rate with confidence.


  • Fundamentals - The key skills of the telesales person
  • The telesales process - The process from preparation to the sale
  • Presenting - Selling your product confidently and clearly
  • Closing the sale - Recognising, negotiating and closing the sale

What they will learn

  • Gain interest and establish rapport quickly.
  • Understand verbal communication, tone, language and pace.
  • Understand and use best practise in telesales.
  • Use open and closed questions effectively.
  • Identify customers needs, present solutions and recognise buying signals.
  • Overcome objections and stay in control of the call.
  • Close the sale and the call.


This course if for telephone based sales people.


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