Customer Care - 1 Day

A single day event that provides insight into customer care, and demonstrates how to succeed in it time after time.


  • Why customer service? - Why it matters, the link with company performance
  • What is good service? - No dogs allowed or guide dogs welcome?
  • Customer needs - Understanding customers. Complaint handling
  • Getting it right - Practical ways to keep customers happy

What they will learn

  • Why customer service matters, from keeping promises to empowerment.
  • How our attitudes towards the customers matter.
  • What is customer quality - The power of expectations.
  • The value of a complaint.
  • The need to take control of difficult conversations.
  • How to think one step ahead.
  • What words work in a customer service context.


For everyone that deals directly with customers – this course will bring a smile to your customers faces!


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