Building Effective Teams - Duration 2 Days

Here is an introduction to building great teams. It provides insight into team members and what makes the collective group really buzz.


  • The basics - The 8 characteristics of high performing teams
  • The people - Understanding ways of working using iAcquire
  • Team growth - Stages of teams. Overcome barriers
  • Performing - Driving execution on a day to day basis

What will they learn

  • Know what makes a high performing team and be able to measure it in the future.
  • Learn how individuals are different, what this means to the team dynamic.
  • Understand how teams develop, and see how to speed effectiveness of the team.
  • Learn ways to monitor the teams progress and development.
  • See how to create a culture of team delivery.


This course provides practical insight into how you create and contribute to high performing teams.


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