The office professional - level two - 2 Days

A fast-paced course which guides the P.A, executive secretary and office professional towards a more skilled and pro-active role.


  • The successful PA - Defining the roles and skills of a professional PA
  • Working with your manager - Working together towards your teams objectives
  • Self-management - Managing your own and your managers time
  • Handling difficulties - Working assertively with difficult situations and people

What they will learn

  • Be clear about the competencies required for the role and areas for improvement.
  • Define personal objectives which will contribute towards your managers and teams success.
  • How to meet the needs and demands of more than one person - good time management techniques.
  • Build rapport and communicate effectively.
  • Interact effectively at all levels.
  • Handle situations assertively & deal with difficult people confidently.


This course is for more experienced PA's, executive secretaries and professional office assistants.


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