Virtual Short Courses - 3 hours

1. It's Changed... Again

Human reactions to change and how to embrace the new.


  • Humans and change - How we react to change. What makes change good. How to embrace change

What they will learn

  • The emotional change cycle
  • How to handle change when it comes
  • What dangers to avoid

For those who are going to be impacted by change.

2. In My Opinion

Assertion for the workplace.


  • Assertion, the difference - Exploring how assertion differs to other behaviour types

What they will learn

  • What assertion is
  • How to use it
  • 7 specific assertion techniques

For those wanting to increase their influencing skills.

3. The Workload Surgery

Managing your time by better prioritisation.


  • Getting time back under control - The three keys to success. Task prioritisation

What they will learn

  • How to manage the workload effectively
  • How to prioritise the workload
  • Why execution is everything

For anyone who has a heavy workload and a demanding environment to deliver in.

4. Time Waster Buster

Managing the impact others have on your time.


  • Holding onto your precious time - How to use a people filter. Taking the control back

What they will learn

  • Ways to deal with people who steal your time
  • How to stop others managing your time

A great session for any that want to put a stop to the impact others have on their workload.

5. Good Working Habits

The habits of great people.


  • Getting new habits - How ineffective people work. How great people work

What they will learn

  • What old habits to avoid
  • What new habits to adopt in becoming effective

Those that can see the advantage of emulating the habits of great people.

6. Making Friends and Influencing People

Impacting through persuasive conversation.


  • Friendly influencing - Planning for results. Influencing skills

What they will learn

  • How to define the desired outcome
  • How to approach the influencing scenario
  • How to use persuasive language

Those that need to influence others, whilst staying on good terms.

7. Trouble Shooter

How to deal effectively with difficult people and situations.


  • Handling all sorts - How to deal with seven different types of difficult

What they will learn

  • How to get behind the problem and tackle the underlying negative quality
  • How to deal with 7 awkward customers

Anyone who is having to face difficult people and situations.

8. The Negotiators Toolkit

Effective negotiation techniques served up as life skills.


  • Strategies for negotiation - 12 winning tactical negotiation techniques

What they will learn

  • 12 different ways of behaving in a negotiation
  • What makes a great negotiator

People that have to negotiate for all kinds of things everyday.

9. Giving Honest Feedback

Five steps to giving feedback that will be welcomed.


  • Steps of feedback - The five steps in giving effective feedback

What they will learn

  • How to give feedback in a way that will be accepted and welcomed by the recipient
  • The five steps of great feedback

This is for anyone that has to give feedback to others on a regular basis.

10. Setting Great Goals

How to set great goals in three stages.


  • Meaningful goals - The three stages of great goal setting

What they will learn

  • How to set effective goals
  • How to anchor the goals in practice
  • How to follow up and motivate execution

This one is for supervisors and line managers who need to set and monitor organisational goals.

11. Courageous Conversations

Handling conflict and surviving to work another day.


  • Talking tough - Getting ready. Delivering the conversation. Follow up

What they will learn

  • How to prepare, deliver and follow up with a tough conversation
  • That it can be done without too much pain

This is for everyone who needs to have a difficult conversation.

12. Managing the Boss

Ways to manage upwards.


  • The art of diplomacy - How to say no nicely. Leading a conversation

What they will learn

  • How to deal with unreasonable requests
  • What to do if you've got other priorities
  • How to lead a conversation

Those who need to retain more control in the way things turn out.

13. Stepping up to be Boss

How to make the leap from colleague to boss.


  • Moving on up - The new bosses dilemma of friend or foe. Raising your game

What they will learn

  • How to step up into a bosses role while maintaining good relationships with those you now manage

This is for people who were part of the team, but have now become the boss.

14. Making Meetings Matter

Join the campaign for better meeting behaviour!


  • Focus - The eight rules of great Focus meetings

What they will learn

  • What to do before, during and after the meeting
  • How to set expectations and stick to them

An event for those that chair and / or attend meetings on a regular basis.

15. Re-Energiser

Stop, relax, refocus and start again.


  • Bring balance back - Setting new boundaries. Learning to relax. Diet and exercise

What they will learn

  • How to bring balance back into your life
  • Assessing your current position
  • Defining new ways of working

This is for those that are impacted by busy stressful situations and could do with resetting limits.

16. Writing Plain and Simple

How to write using plain simple English.


  • Making it clear - Writing within some simple guidelines

What they will learn

  • How to write effectively through the use of plain English techniques
  • What makes a good written statement

People who would like to breath fresh life into stale organisational language.

17. Do Delegate

Five steps to successful delegation.


  • Real delegation - What delegation is. How to implement it in 5 simple steps

What they will learn

  • How to delegate and not dump
  • What constitutes good delegation
  • How to motivate others when delegating

This is ideally suited to people who have direct line responsibility for others.

18. Taking Time to Talk

Understanding how to communicate successfully.


  • Communicate not complicate - The communications cycle. Avoiding the traps

What they will learn

  • Why communication goes wrong and how to avoid it happening.
  • Techniques for effective communication

This is for those wanting to learn best practice communications skills in the workplace.

19. Getting Out of the Box

Finding creativity within us all.


  • Making ideas - 4 techniques that will ensure the generation of new viable ideas

What they will learn

  • How to increase creative stimulus in your life
  • Techniques that deliver new thinking

This is suitable for anyone who wants to become more of an 'ideas person'.

20. Cutting To The Decision

Fast decision making in the workplace.


  • The rhythm of decision - How to inform and drive decision making

What they will learn

  • Why informed decisions are better than quick decisions
  • How to force a decision outcome

This will benefit anyone that has to make decisions in the course of their working day.


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