Train The Trainer - Duration 2 Days

If you need to deliver training this course will give a great set of foundation skills and knowledge about effective learning solutions.


  • The basics - Setting up for success
  • The learning process - Stages of learning. Learning styles
  • Training design - Structuring Design content
  • Delivery and evaluation - Training delivery. Assessing learning

What will they learn

  • What makes good trainers and training.
  • How to set an event up for success.
  • Differences between training and coaching.
  • How people learn and how to produce a course that appeals to all types of learners.
  • How to divide content to produce a helpful course structure.
  • How to train practical skills & facilitate effectively.
  • How to assess delegate performance and give motivational feedback.


This one is for all that have to build & deliver any type of face to face training intervention for their organisations.


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