Coaching skills- Duration 1 Day

A lively course which teaches the fundamentals of coaching, using key tools and techniques.


  • Why coach - The value of coaching. Who we can coach
  • What is coaching - What it is and is not The role of the coach
  • Coaching skills - Key skills – practice. Directive vs non-directive
  • Post coaching - Creating action plans. Building a support plan

What they will learn

  • The true definition of coaching.
  • The role of the coach and coachee.
  • Creating the right environment, set ground rules.
  • Appreciate the qualities of a coach.
  • How to remain non-judgemental.
  • To listen with clarity.
  • To use a structured process.
  • Practice fundamental tools and techniques.
  • Gain confidence in their ability as a coach.
  • Create clear goals and action plans.


This course is for anyone who is involved in developing others at any level.


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