Time Management - Duration 1 Day

A highly practical day using delegates actual workload in the course to make a tangible link between classroom and work place demands.


  • Focus - Knowing the destination. Getting clarity
  • Implement - Keys to task prioritisation
  • Directing self - Being Response-able. Mobiles/Blackberry's plus
  • Others - Managing the impact of others on your time

What they will learn

  • Learn the memorable FIDO principles.
  • Understand how critical it is to be focused.
  • Learn how to prioritise and deal with tasks effectively.
  • Learn how to take control and direct your own behaviours.
  • Understand how you can manage others to minimise impact and maximise effectiveness.
  • Pick up a host of other tips and tools.
  • Prepare for tomorrow using your actual work.


For anyone who has a heavy workload and a demanding environment to deliver in.


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