About Us

Complete Potential Consulting was founded by Jo Lawrence, a management development consultant with over 20 years experience in many different industry sectors.

We have a small, but trusted, team who work hard to provide our customers with exactly what they need, working in close parnterships with them delivering;  Coaching, Training, Mentoring, Assessment centres and Consultancy.

We are excellent at working with:

  • a variety of teams:  executive, leadership, operational, functional, project, manufacturing and global.
  • teams to enable them to function better and achieve more.
  • individuals to help them grow, develop and become more effective at what they do.
  • creating a desire for change and a knowledge of how to.
  • teams and individuals in embedding true behavioural changes.

We have a proven track record, many delighted customers and take pride in our valued long-term relationships with our clients.  

Here are some of the comments we have had from our customers...

“Elekta Ltd has worked with Jo Lawrence to design and deliver a management and leadership development programme for our UK based employees which has delivered tangible results in the skills, competencies and most importantly behaviours of our management teams.
With a thorough needs and skills analysis carried out at the start of the process to determine the real need for employee training and development, we were confident that the analysis identified the gaps that were missing in the management skills set, and then we were able to design employee training that had clearly stated, objectives with measurable outcomes to address these needs. This was further enhanced by the employee being able to see the link between the training and his/her ability to contribute to the accomplishment of the organization's business plan and goals.
We have now trained over 70 managers over an 18 month period and have seen a tangible and measureable increase in our management teams competence and approach their people management role.”

Frankie Webster - Elekta Ltd

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